Time Flies When You're Having Rum!!

(Posting here too, in case you didn't see it on my journal.)
Hey everyone, I'm having a Pirate Party on Saturday August 26th, around 4 pm ending around whenever I, the Captain, decide I've seen enough of you scurvy dogs.
If you don't have a costume or anything, it doesn't matter. The only thing I want you to bring is yourself (and someone else if you'd like).
It'll be at my house, outside for the most part, weather permitting. There will be a water balloon fight, so if you want to bring a change of clothes or a swimsuit, go ahead.
Hopefully, there will be a bonfire later in the evening.
Yes, there is a pinata.
Maybe a scavenger hunt if I have time to set it up.
There will be food, so don't worry about eating before, or bringing anything.
All in all, it's just going to be a laid back day full of pirates.
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Horseback Riding

I'm trying to get some people together for Saturday, August 5th to go horseback riding at the Englewood Metro-park.
It's $12 an hour, and I believe we're only doing one hour.
I need to have an actual count of who is definitely coming because I have to make reservations for it.
So let me know what time works best, and if you are for sure going to come.

Gothic Store

Hey guys... my friend just told me that she opened an online gothic store to kind of compete with Hot Topic... I think you guys should check it out. ^^ She's still working on a lot of it, so it still has room to grow, but I think it'll be worth it. So keep a tab on it and of course, order things if you like it! ^^


This is something she said about the shop- -=Morria=- says:
My goal is to give them (Hot Topic) a STRONG run for their money.... I already carry Alchemy Goth (just started), Bloody Mary, Heavy Red, and just got approved to carry Lip Service....PLUS...I carry alot of lesser known companies (designers)...plus alot of christian gothic stuff
My love

Luck o' the Irish

St. Patrick's day is this Friday, and I'm having people over. I'm not sure what time, but probably around 6:00 or 7:00, I don't know. So everyone wear GREEN lots and lots of GREEN. or you won't be aloud in. Got it?  I'll keep you all posted about what time, when I know for sure. Call me if you have any questions.

Oh, heads up some of you...I'm going to invite Lucas and Alex.

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(no subject)

Nothing is set in stone yet... But I am planning on having my birthday party on Friday the 24th (not sure what time yet) and ending to whenever. Those that want to spend the night are encouraged to do so... So, from basically the 24th to 25th and then leave whenever you feel like it. The 25th is my mom's birthday, so maybe plan on doing a little something for her too. ^^
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(no subject)

Okay.... here's the deal.

My birthday was Sunday. And, I sort of wanted to do something on Saturday for it, but, y'know, Mike was over on Saturday, and I kinda just wanted to spend time with him. So, I decided that I was going to push any plans aside to the following weekend, since Mike wouldn't be around, and everybody would have my full undivided attention, and I need something to distract me from the lack-of-Mike-ness so I don't sit around whining about it (despite the fact that, after this weekend, I will be HALFWAY through the terrible period of no Mike, and a week closer to seeing him than I was on Sunday. . . . Yes, you do have the right to whack me upside the head for all of this.)

So.... anybody wanna do something? Just come over, go somewhere, whatever? I'm open to suggestions; anything on Saturday is good for me. Friday is also an option, although I have a job interview (WOOT!) then, so I won't be able to do anything until around 6 or so.

(no subject)

Jess just informed me last night that everyone wanted to come over here for the get together... I just realized that I have no snacks, no drinks and no money in which to buy any... So if you want anything you may have to bring some yourself. I apologize...

Also on the note of bringing things... If there are any movies you want to watch or games you want to play, please bring them with you if you plan on coming. ^^ (Jess, if you get this please bring Apples to Apples if possible. lol)

Thanks guys. ^^
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